KaleidoCards is a deck of cards for playing short and simple yet challenging abstract games aimed for all the family.

About the Cards

KaleidoCards is a game system comprising 100 unique coloured cards which are used to play many different fast and fun games. The cards use five ‘colours’:  RED, WHITE, BLUE, BLACK and GREEN.  Each card has three ‘attributes’ which use these colours:  a word with the name of one of the colours, the text of that word is written in one of the colours, and the background of the card is a different colour.

About the Games

KaleidoCards are used to play many varied games just like various games are played with traditional playing cards.  This makes KaleidoCards a ‘game system’ rather than a single game.

The standard box comes with rules for seven distinctly different KaleidoGames which are all fast to learn and quick to play. There are many more games which can be played with the cards as well (which we intend to include as stretch goals for KICKSTARTER backers), and it is easy to ‘KaleidoCreate’ new games yourself. Two expansion packs (KaleidoCraze and KaleidoGrey) introduce additional cards with five more games each.

KS KC 5 cards logo with oval back

About our KickStarter Project

KaleidoCards was originally conceived in 2012 and has been extensively playtested over the last couple of years as we prepare to publish it. We plan to launch a KICKSTARTER campaign in early October 2017 to crowdfund publication. Assuming the campaign is successful, the game will be sent to the manufacturers in late 2017 ready for distribution to backers in Spring 2018.

This will be our first mainstream published game, although we have been designing and producing hand-crafted games for many years, and have successfully run a small KICKSTARTER project for a limited-edition of one of these games.

As a new independent publisher we are reliant on building a community of enthusiastic supporters interested in seeing KaleidoCards come alive. If you want to help by backing KaleidoCards on KICKSTARTER or in other ways, you can register here to join our mailing list (we promise we won’t spam you or pass your details on to others).