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I’m Dave Wetherall, the designer of KaleidoCards and founder of GGG Games – an independent games design and publishing company.  I’m passionate about playing all sorts of games, loving the fun you can have with family and friends.  I love designing and playtesting games too, and have been producing various hand-crafted games with small production runs for several years, including in the live roleplaying world of Empire where I play a character who runs the ‘Guild of Good Games’.


KaleidoCards was the first ‘game system’ I created.  I have designed and extensively playtested more than twenty different games to play using the KaleidoCards deck and its expansions.  One of the things I like most about it as a game system is that its really easy to make up new games that can be played with KaleidoCards – I get a great buzz after I’ve introduced people to them and after playing a few different KaleidoGames they start ‘KaleidoCreating’ their own new ones.

I originally created KaleidoCards in 2012 after I went to a talk on the psychology of colours and an event about boardgames at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Afterwards, I played Set and came up with the idea of a simple but mind-bending game. In this new game, coloured cards were used to make sets of colours. I mocked up a prototype (then called ColourCards) and created more games to play with it. These games were a great hit with my kids, Georgia and Joe, then aged 9 and 7, who then invented their own games to play. Being small and compact, we would sometimes carry ColourCards around with us to play when we had spare moments with friends and family.

Since 2014, I’ve been involved with PlaytestUK, where game designers meet to playtest each other’s games. Other designers, including several who have used Kickstarter to fund their games, gave me really positive feedback on KaleidoCards and encouraged me to pursue publishing it. I therefore did more extensive testing with different gaming groups and the public at various British game conventions in 2017 (including UK Games Expo, Dragonmeet, Airecon, StabconSouth, Handycon) and internationally (GenCon in Indianapolis, USA, and Spiel ’17 in Essen, Germany).

I then successfully ran two kickstarter projects to publish some of my other game designs in 2017 and 2018.  This was to gain experience in the full end-to-end process from promoting and running a kickstarter campaign through to manufacturing and fulfilling the kickstarter through distributing games to backers.  This has been invaluable experience prior to the planned launch of KaleidoCards via Kickstarter in 2021.  However, having been approached by several games publishers, I may decide to licence KaleidoCards to one of them to publish rather than run my own Kickstarter campaign.

Physical Gaming

In addition to my GGG Games design work, I also partner with Physical Gaming, publisher of the award-winning Four Elements game.


Here’s a picture of the TableTop Simulator version of Four Elements
TTS Sideways

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More news on that to follow soon. Until thenere’s an image of that on TableTop Simulator